During my school holidays I became obsessed with fishing

During my school holidays

I became obsessed with fishing

Every morning

I dug maggots in the manure heap

In McHughs yard

Went to the aqueduct

And fished all day in the canal

The canal that ran over the Liffey

I fed the catch to the many cats

In the yard

One day a shoal of bream came by me

Inside swam was a massive bream

The biggest fish I had ever seen

In my fright I dropped the rod

And nearly fell into the water

When I recovered the fish had passed

Next day I saw the fish again

Over the following days my fear disappeared

And I studied the fish

Which was full of small hooks

As if it had been hunted

That night I dreamed of catching it

I became obsessed with it

I hungered to catch the fish

As Captain Ahab hungered for Moby Dick

One morning I set out with my snap hook

Three hooks on one hook

Like Three Divine Persons in the one God

No bait

I waited

And waited by the canal

But the fish did not turn up

Next day I waited and waited

But the fish did not turn up

Again the following day

No fish

Next day the hunger for fishing left

And I never fished again

I was filled with some other obsession

As all hunger disappears

When dinner is eaten

And I have not remembered this story till now

Why now I wondered

Well why not now