I long for the cuckoo-

To soothe my solitude,

Breathe on my welfare,

Clang my depths,

Rake the thorns-

Of those conniving men-

Dressed in friendliness-

Stabbing me:

Me, a lover of humanity-

And the unattainable:

Banish the spider,

Tear down the cobweb,

Let me see the something-

I have been searching for:

Sing! you bird sing!

Amaze me!

Tease me!

Coax me into life:

Look into my soul,

Invigorate the crystals of my mind,

Do not be blind to my discomfort:

Here in Pollardstown Fen,

Birds from Africa-

Making a home:

Their voices invade my senses:

Like you, they have never known-

The cold winds of February-

That shoots the pulses of the heart:

They missed the snowdrop,

But they have brought summer:

Then from a corner of the Fen-

The cuckoo, to vivify all-

Sending that melodious healing-

Wafting through the reeds,

Injecting into my throes.