A woman stood in her doorway

A woman stood in her doorway

     Her hair knotted

     A Spanish comb hanging from a loose curl

     Her hand beating an agitated fly

     Her nylon stockings at half mast

     Held up by elastic bands

     A dog under her feet

     Scratching himself

     More out of habit

     Than of need

     She kicked him aside

     Get out ye pup

     Get out

     She roared at me

     Did Maggie get a council house

     She did I said

     Holy Jesus

     She pushed her hall door open

     Called her daughter Maggie

     Councillor Conway is here

     He got you a house


     Came from inside

     Good man son

     The woman said

     We never voted for you before

     But from now on you are our man

     Come in son and have a cup of tea

     And I did