She jammed her car

Timmy Conway

         She jammed her car,

            Jumped out,

            Roared at me

            On my morning walk

            Mid the ripe blackberries,

            Her bawl quenched the robin,

            She waved a letter;

            I will be surrounded by Travelers,

            The Council are building an encampment

            Outside my door;

            A wood pigeon darted out of the hedge,

            I shook a little,

            Surprised like the deserted leaf,

            Caught by a sudden gush;

            I read the letter,

            The town had moved to a village,

             Naas had moved to Sallins,

            The Council had changed Solicitors;

            It is a fake I said;


            The wind turned a brown leaf over,

            Thanks, she said;

            She got back in her car,

             And disappeared,

            A grey squirrel climbed a tree,

            Nodded at me,

            And all…

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