They did not cancel programmes on the day that Jimmy died

They did not cancel programmes

     On the day that Jimmy died

     They did not play the slow march

     In his arms we will abide

     But I turned off the TV

     And recited Davids psalm

     He laid me down in pastures

     Beside the waters side

     Yes I mourned him as a brother

     The first friend I knew

     We sat at school together

     He has been always with me

     And always will be there

     As I walk the wood each morning

     And I breathe in Gods clear air

     The elder leaves are budding

     Whitethorn spring at last

     Blackbird sings the morning

     Is this my life I ask

     Now I feel him walking

     To the sound of thrushes song

     His spirit quietly resting

     His time has come and gone

     His soul is in the pastures

     White with clover and with dew

     A life of dedication

     Always helping me and you