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 A blackbird sings in Basin Street

As evening kisses the day

The lamp outside is the setting sun

Its light steals the night away


All around this little house

That means so much to you and me

Whispers of a misty evening

Romances each gentle tree


The canal is in its silence

As swans embrace

Waterhens make circles

Our love in Naas


So let us celebrate each moment

As the stars multiply the sky

And evening melts into timelessness

There is no such word as why


Now I murmur sweet nothingness

As snowdrops lay in flower

For all I have I give to you

From now with every hour



What woman’s brooch

Could outshine the whitethorn

What perfume could

Outsmart a rose

What artist could

Make  a Lilly

Nature infinite

And filled with beauty

Beauty is life

And life is all we have.

I listen to a Blackbird

I listen to a Blackbird

in our May evening garden

among the Apple Blossom

reciting his mantra

it is a lullaby of sweetness

singing to his neighbours

as they listened

answering down to the fields

it is a tune heard by all

Who stop and  listen

To his call