Tear up his grave

Yank the coffin out

Scatter the rotten wood

Let the maggots free

Haul out the bones

Grind the head to a pulp

Because it housed the brain

His evil mind


Take the skeleton hands

Burst them finger by finger

Stamp them into powder

They blotted the innocence

Pour acid on his stump

Where the awful thing was caged

Now gut what remains

And send it to the hideous sea


Plant deadly weeds

Tell the robin

His song is not wanted here

Stop the grasshopper

From singing the Beatitudes


Bring out his photographs

Take a scissors to his head

Cut the rest in strips

Flush them

Into a wash of stink


Bring a sledgehammer

To his headstone

Dig out is name

Banish it to no time


For it is better

That man had never been born

Categorized as Poems

By timmyconway


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