He walked into the mirror

He walked into the mirror




An old man looking back at him

He examined the man

Asked the question

Who are you

Are you real

Have I seen you before

What are you doing here

Where did you come from

You remind me of someone

A person from somewhere

Did I ever know you

Are you my imagination

You are so old


But I know those eyes

I have seen them before

Beyond this place

Beyond this time

Not in a valley of riches

But in a life that was full

And I lived it

Over and over

To the full

And it overflowed

Into a tomorrow

That tomorrow would never come

But it has come

Is now

And will be




Let the golden leaves fall

Let them fall as they will

Colour on colour

Design on design

Exchanging the gossip of deserted trees

November branches

Exhausted from givin

Frees itself of its burden

Turning the wood in full falling bloom

Giving way to a deliberate magic

That eases us into winter

And settles a wager on the inevitable

No hand of man

Could weave this Heavenly carpet

With threads randomly crisscrossed

To chart our way

Into Eternity